And the one word for CHA today is...

 Gilt! Gold was a prominent theme that popped up all day as I roamed around the floor at CHA. Other  things that caught my eye were red, white and blue color schemes in papers, bling, fabric papers, pocket page cards, wood veneers, and dyes and paints.
There are a number of boy lines which is a pleasant change as those used to be rarities. As the mother of 2 of my own boys and 5 step-sons and the proud grandma of 3 grandsons, this is something I notice right away as I tour a booth.
I wish I could post photos to my blog post from my iPad but I have not figured that out yet. So, I have not taken many photos. I plan to do so tomorrow and will post those toward the end of this month. Due to "stuff" at home that required a number of phone calls this am I did not make it to the breakfast business meeting but I did scooter over shortly after the doors to the show floor opened and I started riding around the venue.
Everything just looks better in person. Somethings just did not appeal to me when I saw them in sneak peaks on-line but got my nod of approval as I zipped by. I'm hoping to be more  systematic and specific in my observations tomorrow. I noticed a nice mix of products. It seemed a show or two ago there was an emphasis on clear stamps. Of course, there were a few stamp-only companies  which obviously were all about the stamps. However, in companies that carry a number of products, the line seemed quite comprehensive. Maybe I'll notice an over-whelming pocket page emphasis tomorrow when I look in more detail. While those items caught my eye today and were a lot of places on the floor,  they did not seem disproportionally dominant.
The yarn companies featured a lot of whimsical designs both to be worn and some, like Lion Brands creation of the Seven Great Wonders of the World in yarn, to illustrate the variety and versatility of the product.
Fiskars celebrates it's 365th birthday this year and I made it over to their booth right at the time of a small birthday party complete with original orange handled scissors and orange frosted cupcakes. Fun! Happy Birthday, Fiskars!
I took a class with Eileen Hull this afternoon. Eileen designs great products for Sizzix and has a wonderful set of box dies. These little boxes are delightful to make and to decorate for artistic expression or for creative gift packaging ideas. She also has some inks and stamps as new offerings. I found the ink a little difficult to work with when using a stencil, though, I loved the final result and the colors are wonderful.
This evening I went to the International event. Thirty-three percent of CHA members are from outside the USA. Crafting is alive and well everywhere. I will try to post more about this tomorrow. Right now the business of the day is getting to me and I need to fall asleep.
Always lots to talk about at CHA.

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