Project Life at CHA

 I did not put any American Crafts up on my Facebook feed because of the sheer vastness of the collections. There was not time to do it all justice.
Pocket page scrapbooking is something I've experimented with, as a way to do some events with a lot of photos vs documenting my everyday. Even taking a photo a day is more challenge than I can handle most times. (So, you're asking me about a future topic - Layout a Day. I must be mad, I've signed up again for that; and, yes, that project has always been a real challenge. An invaluable experience, though!) As usual, I am digressing from the topic at hand, Project Life.
I think you will see here lots of new products and a nice versatile mix. I think these products can find their way into most memory keepers stash, whether pocket scrappers or traditional page makers. Attractive and useful.
The photos pretty much speak for themselves. Not only was I able to get images of the products but I have some great page examples for you from the show as well. Enjoy!

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