Positive Attitude

 Yesterday is best forgotten.
Too much happened. I was involved in a sad and unfortunate mix-up and while I resolved my part of it all, I felt upset. Packing up was more stressful than I had imagined. Just wondering how I'll get everything home. Moved to a new hotel which was under renovation. Sigh! Some things are unfortunate and the hotel is making things up with a reception for my group. Not all was bad. I met so many nice folk yesterday. Truly, I feel blessed to meet so many wonderful folk. Alas, I am allergic to latex and balloons were everywhere at the event I attended. Major asthma problems! Sitting outside of the room was not fun at all. I hope they saved some goodies for me as they were handing out a lot of nice product. I went up to my room where my breathing was considerably better and had a good cry. My husband is the sweetest, he made me laugh and feel better and my Facebook friends were a great help.
Today, Fingers crossed - no allergens and I hope to be able to participate in some fun classes.
It was the end of CHA yesterday, which I thought was a great show. CHA has changed a lot over time, for the better, really. There was a time when stores brought many of their customers, screaming mobs of folk would gather at various booths and there were frenetics announcements and a sense of urgency and chaos. It's much more business-like and much smaller in crowds these days. Sure a lot of folk gathered often at Ranger, especially when Tim Holt was teaching. The first day quite a few people were gathered at Graphic 45 checking out the new lines and I did not get around everywhere to check out all booths at the early part of the day to see more. After the first part of opening day there were fewer people and no crazy buzz. Sizzix did gather folk for an excellent magic show which had good sales info as well as entertainment value.
I did not get all the photos I wanted, missed DCWV booth which had some cute decorated panels on the outside walls of a booth filled with shelves of product which I would have liked to explore. Unfortunately, I never made it back there.i missed Chic Tags, too and I loved their booth last show. I'm hoping to find other sources on the net that feature these sites so I can check them out. I'll provide links. Don't forget, product is featured in the sneak peaks on Scrapbook Update on-line for those who want to see new product in better detail.
My favorite booths for scrapbook product yesterday were My Mind's Eye and Pinkpaislee. My Mind's Eye has a way of pulling in all the latest trends but making them a bit less edgy so they appeal to a broad base. Pinkpaislee rocked the red, white and blue with their Pen Pals line and the Hello Sunshine product line just made me feel happy.
I did not post my photos of some booths to Facebook, yet and please click on my FB link to check out what I did feature, to date. American Crafts in total was wonderful with all of their brands, as usual. Very much good solid but up-to-date staples and some bold new designs. Love them but those will need more time to process.
I'll talk more later dear readers.
Today is a new day. Hope no more earthquakes - yes, I felt that rolling jolt in the wee hours. It topped my day!
I'll be back when I can with more thoughts. Have a great day, everyone!

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Cindy deRosier said...

Sorry to hear about the latex. That is terrible. FB friend request sent.

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