Quilt blocks? Yes, dear readers. I went to the local quilt shop. Not because I so much needed a new hobby. Hardly! I am lonely at times, though. This will be a challenging new hobby with the potential of more stash and expense. It also will take a lot of time since it could be a strain on my neck to spend a day at this. However, the quilt shop is around the corner from my house and I met some nice folk who totally understood how I could get stir crazy at home alone. 
It's a hobby that is very interesting. While the instructions are the same for a pattern even with the same material the results can be so very different. I like the idea of trying something and "auditioning" it to see if it works. So many things to learn but new insights, too!

I've been cleaning my scrap room. Since the new bathroom is almost done - yes, i'm excited! Finally, a real bathtub. We had a weird tiled thing that the last owner thought was a cool Roman style tub. It was a major fail! Cold dark and uncomfortable. The new bathroom is spacious, lots of white with dark wood and touches of pale green in tile and sink. A new window lets in tons of light. It is delicious. I decided that I better get my knitting stuff out of the overcrowded craft room and have it taken over to the spare bedroom at my other house, where Joe lives. 
Now the last of the craft stuff and all the things from the old bathroom will be able to leave the dining room. Finally, a formal room to eat without clutter!
Yes, I plan photos when everything is done.It should be soon.

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