Hanging in with the Heavy LOAD

Lay Out A Day is a challenging concept as well as class. Imagine, these need to get done and posted daily. Not that I have not gone back and tweaked a few. However, coming up with an idea, color scheme, papers and a title fresh daily is something I have accomplished to date. Only 26 LO's required. Nonetheless, a lot.
I've had fun with these. Hope I can hang in for 10 more days.

Yes, those last three are digi pages. Pretty basic. Still, I'm happy with them and justifies my large format printer. (Well, it was on sale and I got a discount on top of that, LOL!)
I did block out some personal journaling, if you were wondering.
My family and my life are the main subjects of my scrapbook pages. I do scrap a little about travel and not much at all about current events. However, that could change. I see my style as still evolving. have not yet determined what my style is. I'm discovering some preferences as the result of scrapbooking more.

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