Crafting, and resolving not to complain (too much) or be cheerless

Yes, it's been the kind of week that makes me say "Wait a minute, am I not on disability retirement?" Too busy, which is why I am resolving not to complain too much. As you know, too much activity usually worsens my pain and in this case I'm getting so good at protecting my left side that I have oodles more pain on the left. OK, that's all I'll say about it. For someone like me who used to feel the whole world needed to suffer along with me, that's pretty good, LOL! I'll get the cheerlessnes out of the way, too. Joe just cannot recognize how he is hampering his recovery. Today I served him with an eviction notice. He has to decide to get well or it's the street for him. I've been an enabler too long. He needs to take his meds and not take other stuff. It's hard for me to be so tough. It's necessary though or he will not get better. He has either taken his meds and used what he shouldn't or not taken meds and not used substances. I just hope he'll choose a healthy option next. I'm trying not to let his problems get me down.
As for crafting, well I did The Mother LOAD class with Lain Ehmann. It was challenging and I can say that I'm glad it's over. I learned a lot though.
I'm excited about the Double take class at BPC. You can find out about it here: 
 It's a much more reasonably paced class with lots of great material. Two very cool and fun teachers who get involved. I met May when I took a class with her back when, and we are friends. I still love to take her classes, maybe more since I know her and recognize how hard she works to provide a great experience for her students. Nic is half a world away but seems to share a similar teaching philosophy. Two page LO's are an area where I need to learn more. I'm excited about the class!
 Lately, I've been posting a lot of my LO's so I'll do that again and add them at the end of this post.

There are a few more that need a little more work before I feel they are blog worthy. Done but not perfected, LOL!

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