Sometimes Life is Overwhelming

I used to think I scrapbooked to relax. Now, I know I need to be relaxed to do it. It's been a hard week. I had surgery which should have been tough but has actually been OK. I instantly knew that my knee was fixed. Now my right knee is back to being my bad one. I have some post op discomfort but I would not call it pain. No big deal. I'm being cautious and trying not to overdo because I don't want to screw anything up. It's good. I think I was pretty stressed before the surgery. To make things worse I needed to take my son to the ER in the early am of the day before my surgery. He's in the hospital and I see a little improvement. The hard part is wondering how he'll do once he is released. Maybe Monday? Tough. I'd really like to know. Oh, well. It is the weekend. I know I'll hear Monday, maybe someone will speak to me tomorrow.
My Mom is better after her pulmonary embolus. Tough lady! She is anxious to leave her assisted living and move to a spot in Victoria. I cannot blame her. As pretty as the Okanogan is, it is isolated. The flowers I send her never seem to arrive. It's hell to get there by plane. It's a pretty long drive and thee are the mountains to deal with. At least there is more family in Victoria and it's way easier for me to get there.
I don't feel like photography or scrapbooking. I've been writing a bit and thinking of making stuff. A shout out to May Flaum who always gets those creative play gears churning in my brain!
I was happy to see Joe got to do some arts and crafts today and did some nice creative collage of happier places and times. I hope we can help him get well soon.
So, dear blog readers, no great creativity here this week. Life goes on and have some crop times planned ahead. These escapes always get the juices flowing. It will happen.
Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer!


Laura said...

Hope your recuperation from your knee surgery continues on the good trajectory it is on right now and hope your son's health improves, too.

Farley said...

Hi Karen. I was thinking of you last Thursday, hoping that your surgery brings you the relief you need and wishing you a quick and easy recovery. Sorry you are having so many tough things to cope with in addition to your healing. Look forward to that coffee sometime in September.

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