Weekend in San Francisco

Lyn and Rod were here on vacation from Australia. Cal and I had a great night out with them at Beach Blanket Babylon and then Pantarei restaurant.
The huge head dresses the performers wear are always a treat in this fast paced show. Fabulous talent, very funny!
The drive from Sacramento to San Francisco was not great fun. That trip is getting worse. Too bad there were not good train connections for when we wanted to go. That would have made it a better trip.
The time in the city was splendid though and the drive back not too bad.
This has been our year for musical theater! Season almost over for the Music Circus here in Sacramento. This past Sunday evening was a very good production of Annie Get Your Gun. Our favorite show, so far this year, has been Anything Goes. Vicki Lewis was splendid as Reno.
Getting my knee arthroscopy later this week so may not be doing much blogging for a few days. I'm looking forward to being able to walk faster than a snail and further than 2 aisles of a grocery store!

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