My Layouts re: Paperclipping Roundtable #77

Here are some of my layouts about my relationship with my husband. The topic of discussion to this weeks Paperclipping Roundtable.
Here's a link to the actual podcast.
 This LO is about how I find Cal in the evenings reading his book.
Here's one that just expresses emotion "It's so good"

Just emotion again "Lucky to have you"

 This is my cloth Paris album documenting some of our favorite activities - people watching, sight seeing, sitting in a cafe, visiting a garden shop, walking on the bridges, visiting the Louvre.

This was just a trip of over a week to visit family in Washington state and British Columbia. I've just included a couple of interior pages. Most documentation is in notes at the end. The book just shows the family and places we visited with a couple of cute stories in the final journaling.
 A play on my name Poirier which means Pear tree and the "pair' of us

 Another trip which documents our time together in Australia (OZ) and my aversion to animals while he has no problem
 This was about Paris but the end of the journaling talks about us and love

This was the Kinsey Wilson project she used to document her child and friends and that I used to document my best friend and partner of 20 years.

1 comment:

Francine said...

Great projects Karen! I really enjoyed that episode of Paperclipping, it's nice to see some of the pages you talked about.

And I love all the Paris pages of course! :)

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