Maybe a Busy Blog Week

OK, just signed up for Ali Edwards Week In the Life class at BP. So, not only do I need to finish up my blog posts about CHA, I will plan to document some of my WITL material here. Who know? Maybe blog posts will be my digital scrapbook?
Nice that I started with a productive Monday morning. Gosh, beds are made, laundry done, appointments organized. I hope to do some overdue stuff after I finish the unpacking but am rather sore and weak after my trip. I got help with my luggage but needed to deal with it a bit twice, not much. Funny how just a little effort can trigger so many symptoms. I'm being careful though and it looks to be a good week in spite of this.
It's a lovely day and the pool looks inviting. So, that's my afternoon plan.
Must finish up a productive morning first!

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