Midway Through WITL

I've tried these sorts of projects before and "failed" to complete most. So far it's the middle of the week and while I'm taking less photos, I'm still at it. How to put this together has me a bit stumped. I'm a paper/hybrid scrapper so the digital templates do not win me over completely. I'm not a good enough photographer to be really stunned by my images either. Blogging, FB and twitter are my journal forums. I've thought of including my posts, along with my photos. The same format might not work from day to day considering my variable amount of photos. Oh, I hope to think of something. I've far too many 'half-baked' efforts around. Time to finish one.
I hope folks are checking the Charity Wings blog. Looks like some of the videos of the live streaming event are up. You can find links through the following site. Also, opportunities to volunteer.  http://campaigns.ratepoint.com/campaigns/0ee620be429b0453b063613daf11a77f
I hope the e-bay auction items link gets posted soon. Wonderful sponsors of the charity! Remember, you can just go to the site and donate. It feels good to give.
Here are a few of my WITL photos.




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