A New Month - a new blog post

I'm an off again on again blogger, though I am determined to blog at least twice a month. Sometimes, I even post a few days in a row.
Right now, I am doing a lot of scrapbooking. It's my escape.
(Family stress, health matters including a surgery date to "fix" my knee this month are reasons for the need to escape.)
Did two DPLO's this weekend

Lots of fun! I'm still finishing up other projects from the Color Connections class at Green Tangerines. Friend Gina and I attended and sat at same table. Loads of fun!
Hmmm, yes, lots yet to finish and three LO's for the BPC challenge class to finish. Oh, well. A little bit here and there and it's done.
Wrestled with Quicken and finally got it working properly. Sigh! I'm bad enough at doing the bills without struggling with my computer program. Was on the phone with Wells Fargo for a while before he finally said -it's a software problem. Found my answer in Quicken support. Thank goodness! Still, some checks going out late.
Participated in Ali Edward's Week In The Life class at Big Picture Classes. This meant lots of picture taking, though the number diminished by the end of the week. 
It wasn't a too crazy week, thank goodness. Now, I have photos, some ephemera and may never get these into an album. Maybe? Fun to participate though.
Naturally, a busy weekend means a painful start to a new week. It was worth it though. Had fun! 
Ate at the Melting Pot restaurant with good friends Joann and Bill before the Music Circus production of Anything Goes. The fondue was good though Cal's comment was that it was the most cooking he'd ever witnessed by me in all 22 years of marriage. Probably too true, LOL! Enjoyed the show a lot. Thanks for coming with us J&B. Have had fun going to the shows with different friends and family members each week. Good summer series!

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