A Return to Esther's Cupcakes located at Fulton and Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA

I sent my son in to purchase an assortment of cupcakes from Esther's Cupcakes the other day.
He chose Creme Brulee, Carmel Macchiato, Tiramisu, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. I regret that I cannot find the receipt. Likely, Joe kept that and the change. Oh, well.
Joe came out of the store with a cold beverage so it appears these are now available.
I note pluses and minuses from my past review. I hope the cupcakes are cheaper because they are definitely smaller. They clearly are not as attractively decorated. (Check prior post from April 2010.) However, the batter is denser and more cake-like and has a very good flavor. The toppings are flavorful and not unattractive.
However, there is little to distinguish these cupcakes from other good cupcakes. I think a skilled baker could easily achieve an equally good decorated cupcake at home. Some of the cupcakes we tried as you can see in the photos had a cracked surface. My junior high Home Ec text advises that a cracked surface could be caused by any of the following: too much flour, not enough liquid, over mixing the flour in the batter or too hot an oven. Perhaps too much beating as the Tiramisu seemed to have a slightly coarse texture. Seems like a little attention and this could be easily remedied.
Pleasant, flavorful cupcakes that are worth a purchase if reasonably priced. Would I drive across town just to buy these? Probably not.

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