Had a fun weekend at Green Tangerines. Scrap & Spa - the best way to crop. Had a mani/pedi and a massage at Avalon as part of the scheduled activities. Add a nap in my car on Saturday and we are talking about true balance!
Got a few things done. Took lots but did not have an agenda which is the best plan of all.
Familiar faces, new folk, nice relaxed atmosphere. Very nice. I won a prize, too. My prize is a  Teresa Collins mini book kit. Yummy!
Planning a trip to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show). Not sure yet how I'll handle all the walking. May need to rent one of those "Hoveround" type chairs while there. That would be interesting, not sure about my driving one of those, LOL!
Taking an art class. That is a challenge. Rendering is part of the course and my least favorite part of art. I'm convinced I'm going to learn a lot. One class should not be too much for me. The walking around campus is my least favorite part of all. Campuses are certainly designed for the young and able.
It's a foggy day today. If it clears I'll take some photos of recent work.

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