It's 1-11-11 and the first blog of the year for me!

Yes, starting off with flowers. Amazing to not just have the pretty pink flowers on my window sill but new flowers in the garden. Yes, January's early camellias and snowdrops really make you aware that a New Year has begun.
Last year I selected the word "Courage" as my word for the year. It was tough to keep a brave outlook. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this year's word. It's "Positive". Very hard for me. I'll try.
Those flowers are a very bright spot in my life.
I've got some other accomplishments under my belt, too. I have owned the financial program Quicken for years and have fumbled my way through it as it really had too many capabilities for me. Lets face it, my financial life, like the rest of my life was a disaster! I'm actually learning to use it. It may take forever to sort out my past history but I think I've got it organized enough that going forward I should be able to use it properly. There's a positive.
I'm also just beginning to understand manual settings in photography. I do not know why something like that has been difficult for me but I see possibilities. It would be helpful to be able to wear my camera strap around my neck and use my left arm more and move better but I'm going to explore what I can do. Look for the Positive! Photos are a quick way to art. Oh, I know that photography can be consuming and a job but it can be fun to just take a few good pictures, too.
I will really try to post at least two blog entries a month for 2011. Who knows - sometimes it might be daily. Especially, if I take a lot of good pictures.

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