Taking May Flaum's Use Your Stash Class at BPS

I was just looking at the message board at the class and started checking out my classmates blogs. They are awesome. Great photography, dedicated frequent entries, interesting projects. Alas, poor blog readers, I fear you do not get such wonders from me, LOL! You may see more projects this month. May, as always, is a very inspirational teacher and does get folk to be more productive. I'm a slow scrapper but I did get the LO that I've photographed for this post done. Now, it was to have been a PRE-class LO. I prefer to think of it as a DONE LAYOUT, LOL!

It is hard to think of summer winding to a close. We have had a very pleasant summer here in Sacramento. Not too many very hot (100F or more) days this season.
Love the work that was done on my pool. Water is so clear and it's nice to have warm water to play in.
The back yard is one of the nicest things about our property. Maybe next summer we will entertain more since it is perfect for parties.
Well, back to cleaning the house and making plans for the fall.

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