Fiska Fun Partee CHA Supershow Rosemont, IL 2010

Ms. Jackie, dear friend, it was as wild as you suspected. Yes, I was the "rapper" and Merlene and Becky lost control & dyed their hair orange, There was noise. Rebecca did start the punching - though it was of the border "punch" sort. Cheryl did instigate a little pinching and rolling (of polymer clay) and Tami had us poking (a needle), Surprisingly, it was Angela who did try and institute order with a drill. It was all you would expect and more of a Fiskateer partee. Some new friends look to join the "gang", too. There was even a possible theme song, though I believe the tune goes "Three COINS in a fountain not three LEADS...".

Oh, well. Out there on the wild western frontier, I'm sure there'll be some law and order in the Scrapbook Territory, before that Fiskateer gang rides again. Be seeing you all at the round up!

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