Yipee! Found it and more

Yes, I did get a quick photo at Bo-Bunny. I never made it back for more but I did get one. Love the Halloween Whoo-ligans. Very cute!

So may photos to sort through and so much I missed. There was one item mentioned by a number of regular scrapbookers (non-industry folk) that I interviewed. They liked this magnetic scrapbook that attaches to your fridge, wall, etc. where magnets help hold the pages open. The idea of displaying current photos and work without someone having to page through the books on their own really appealed to them. Since I scrap just for me it was interesting; but, not for me (though I do very willingly share my albums). Some folk create for their families and felt this would be ideal for them. The pages they really wanted to share would be up and open and did not need to go into an expensive frame and get changed out with effort.

I'm glad to be home. I did have fun but as this photo at the SR booth shows I was ver tired. My left side is definitely drooping in this photo. Nonetheless, I had fun and enjoyed my little part in raising money for charity!

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