Hair Day

You know how good you look after you have your hair done and you wish you could take a photo right then and there. Well, today I did just that!
It was a great day. In part, I started off happy because I got the prettiest tulip bouquet from son, Chris, yesterday. I also got a precious photo of the eldest grandkids in a cute card.
So, hair done. Took time to do some of my journaling assignments from May Flaum while waiting for the color to set. May gives very good inspiration. I'm tempted to repeat her class at BPS. She says it's the same class but she Gretchen and Tena have had the most fun classes! Though I've learned a GREAT deal in all the classes I take at BPS.
Unfortunately, there are way too many folk who wanted to take the photography 101 course so I missed out on registration because of the hair appointment. Oh well, maybe next time.
Found some great "stuff" at Tuesday Morning. When will I ever find the time to make ART with all this? Whatever! Need to dream BIG!
Joe and I went shopping. He seemed very organized today and plans to come over tomorrow. We'll find some activity to do together. (Hmmm, he has no money but I've thought of a great gift. I need my mattress turned. Watch out big guy, your Mom has PLANS!)
I think the other son, Joe (stepson - I'm no George Foreman) will be dropping by with his family. Grandson's BD tomorrow. Very cool!
Cal and I bought some plants for the back patio area and we got some new cushions for the garden chairs. Looks very spiffy. I set up my little Zen meditation corner too. Just need some accessories - like a fountain, Budda head, or chimes and maybe some bamboo in a pot.
Laundry and tidying up are works in progress and a little crafting got done but not nearly enough and then tomorrow bill paying must be done!
Thanks for checking in to the site.

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