Translating Inspiration to Scrapbook Page Stories

 Podfest is a convention for independent podcasters like I am.

I have some photos that I want to use to remember the stories of the event.

One of the owners of my local scrapbook store, It's All About the Scrapbook in Dixon, CA tells me that she likes how I have used ideas from brochures and magazines to generate pages.

At Get It Scrapped, where I am a creative team member, Debbie Hodge has had some classes on ways scrapbookers use inspiration in how one can jump start ideas.

With these ideas in mind, I decided to look through magazines for inspiration.

When I design a digital page, I usually compose a layered template that I can use for future pages. As you may have noted from the examples that accompanied my NSD 2018 freebie template offering, the same template can look very different using a variety of kits, photos, and stories.

Here is the page I designed along with the template I made. I love that the six tracks for the conference matched up with my template journaling spots. That was not intentional. If there had been fewer, I'd eliminate the unnecessary. Elements may need to be resized, recolored or repositioned to fit the photos and style of the page. That is where a lot of the fun happens, of course.

For example, I'm considering whether or not I want to change the font for the word PodFest. I think I 'm going to keep it as is, though.

Page Supplies - Kit - TLP_Snapshots_2018_Collab; fonts - Halogen Flare, Avenir, Bebas Neue, Solomon Normal, Casually, Helvetica; shadows and effects - Mommyish, Fiddle-Dee-Dee

I'd love to hear about your ways of using ads or pages from magazines or brochures in your storytelling. Karens Corner of the web has a Facebook page where you can reply and upload your images.

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