Product Review - Lenny&Larry's The Complete Cookie

I liked a product from The Lenny&Larry's Complete Cookie company. Lenny&Larry's included one of their Snickerdoodle cookies in my BlogHer Health 2018 conference SWAG bag.

read the 8 grams of protein on the packaging and thought, "That's pretty good."

Turning the unit over I noted the serving size of 200 calories. I evaluated that half of one of these cookies had decent nutritional value as a quick energy boostCookies are processed food, and my philosophy is to limit processed food in one's diet. Half a cookie as a serving seems right. The foil-lined plastic packaging is quickly sealed with a rubber band or piece of tape. Like most sweets, I could not recommend it as a regular part of one's diet; howeverreviewing the packaging made me think this might be a decent treat. The taste would tell

The product tasted delicious. I noted great cinnamon and sugar chewiness like I'd expect from a well-made Snickerdoodle. 

The main ingredients are enriched flour, protein powderpalm oil, and sugars. There is long list of ingredients on the label that are not in the product. The "nonpresent" items listed are the subject of several current dietary concerns. While the cookie is vegan and Kosher and avoids what many consider food no-no's, it contains gluten. In my mind, this is fine, except for those who get extremely ill when they consume gluten, almost always as a genetic problem - celiac disease. I know, many will swear by the reduction of inflammation by avoiding gluten hypothesis, but there is no convincing evidence of this. Well-documented scientific reference replies are always welcome; personal anecdotes are not. The last person who said she believed the gluten inflammation premise and felt this was important to her was eating a bag of Cheetos at the time she lectured me. Sigh! One of my relatives who is gluten intolerant tells me that she cannot fathom why people who can tolerate gluten attempt to avoid it. As she states, "The gluten food tastes so much better; if only I could eat it."

Great taste and the protein content make me feel I can recommend an occasional serving of half of this cookie from Lenny&Larry's The Complete Cookie


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