Just 12 Days 2016

Remember my "Just 12 Days" pocket scrapping cards from 2 years ago?

Some Idea Prompts for "Just 12 Days"

Just Scrap 12 Days Design and a Little Art

This year I'm making scrapbook pages and offering the templates for your use.
I love templates and repeat the use of them, sometimes changing them up quite a bit.

Hope you find these useful in recording your "Just 12 Days". A gift for the holidays from me to you.

These are available in Dropbox at this site.

Here are some sample pages I made from these templates. You'll see that templates come alive with not only your photos, story, and title; but, the digital product, shadow styles and layer effects add a lot to the page.  Shadow styles I use on my pages are from Fiddle-Dee-Dee, Mommyish and Karla Dudley.

Supplies: cartoon image - Shutterstock Image ID:457393717, Copyright: Kazakova Maryia; washi tape - kwiniecki, eclectic ; buttons - DigitalDesignEssentials, Playful; stitching - treed, hello stitches ;  Patterned paper -  DDE, Playful; word art - blogovesta gosheva, free2beme; feather - feather6 by Stella; flower - TheDailyDigi85, HappyFresh, justbecausestudio

Supplies: Fonts - cherryla ornaments, Avenir light 65 medium, another shabby, traveling typewriter; Kit - Pixels&Co, genniferbursett,naughty christmas

Supplies: Fonts - Avenir, Traveling Typewriter; Kit - TheDailyDigi91, K Cronin-Barrow, Joie de Vivre; staple - OneLittleBird, Thrive 

Supplies: Fonts - AvenirLT65 Medium, Traveling Typewriter; Kit - OneLittleBird, Peartree

Supplies: Fonts - Avenir, Traveling Typewriter; Kit - DigitalPress, Gilded, AnitaDesigns, KarlaDudley, stitches - treed, Pixels&Co, HappyPlace, MeredithCardall

I'm working on other templates, so check back if you like these. If you do decide to use these in a mini album let me know. I'd love to see your pages. Remember, templates are not rigid or static. A few can work for very different pages for 12 days of scrapping. You can even make a mini book with just pages of one template and even one kit. 
I am trying to learn Camtasia; and, if I am successful, I'll make videos of creating these pages and more. I plan to give insights into how I scrap, use Photoshop tools and work with templates. I'll let you know.

Right now I'm waiting on my podcast. It has been submitted to iTunes and the website is built, though not yet available. I plan a Facebook page and FB group page, too. It's all very exciting. My first group of guests has been a delight to interview and I'm sure you'll enjoy their stories. I'll update on that info, too, as soon as I have the details.

How is your holiday planning? Most reading this know I'm a fan of Sun Basket. Good things to prepare and eat delivered to your door. There are also great recipes for cookies on the website. Those require shopping; no dessert ingredient deliveries, yet. They do have a party in a box for about 8 people that will make entertaining easy. Check it out. It's available to order until Dec. 22 for New Year (and for the rest of the 12 days of Christmas) delivery the week of Dec. 26.  Happy entertaining!
Here's my affiliate link to their site. 

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