Staying on track with weight loss

I'm good for a few days - then...
Right now I'm good. I stick to my diet program. I'm a bit off track with the exercise part. I still do a few regimens regularly and am getting back into the routine with other activities. My neck is always an issue, but that just means I have to be careful in what and how much I do. At ant rate, exercise is only about 20% of the solution. I did get to exercise for 20 minutes today as you see from the gym clothes outfit in this late night shot in my ever-so-messy craft room
A birthday dinner and a charity event this weekend will test my resolve when it comes to food. My strategy is to use high protein low-calorie meal substitutes and limited food choices, trying hard to stay away from my favorite high calorie, high-fat treats, and meals. I measure and weigh everything and weigh myself daily. I'm a fan of Spark People. com. If you listened to episode 56 of The Digiscrap Geek Podcast you know I'm also a fan of Here's a link if you are interested in trying their meal delivery service - Try Sun Basket.The meals are above my 250-500 calorie limit but not by much, and they are healthy and quick to prepare. It is regrettable that Cal hates green leafy vegetables. (It's like having a little 83-year-old kid around.) I appreciate the good nutrition and three cooked dinners a week, each between 500-790 calories. So, not too far past my ideal calorie intake and I try to plan my day with that in mind.
Cal does cook some healthy meals; but, his tastes run to more fattening, less nutritious options; and, on occasion, I have to say no. I know, I've said that I cannot cook, but the individual recipe cards that come with the Sun Basket meals are detailed enough to make food preparation pretty simple. I think Cal appreciates the fact that I cook, though I do notice the leafy greens in the bin.

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