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Today is an exciting day. I'm the featured guest on the podcast Shift The Story with Beca Lewis It was a very enjoyable interview experience. Check it out here When you have to let go of something you love
Several people, my husband included, have remarked on my being the busiest retired person they know. I am busy but think there are likely many who are busier, though I have said I'm not taking on any new projects more than current plans until March 2017.
I do have some plans for a new podcast venture and hope I can share those soon.
The Digiscrap Geek is on hiatus until Carrie can return and make some decisions that are needed for that podcast to move forward.
I did feel a bit overwhelmed with my studio art classes, but my City College professor was very reassuring about my ability to catch up. I got so hung up over-doing things right that I lost sight of having fun. I'm back on track now! It is fun to learn the processes in intaglio printmaking and bookmaking. They are time demanding, not physically challenging classes and I do seem to get fatigued these days. Ceramics is usually relaxing for me, but my professor is a bit tense about the class. We are making murals for the art court. I am happy it is a team effort as my physical limitations would present difficulties. I cannot throw anything well with my neck the way it is; but, sculpting tiles in bas relief is enjoyable.
I promised more about my wonderful summer vacation in Europe and am including a few of my photos with this post. These are pictures of an actual canal house I visited in Amsterdam. What is fascinating is that when the wealthy folk of Amsterdam had these, constructed it was a custom that a beautifully detailed model of the house would be a wedding gift. The detailed models cost as much as the home itself! I've also included photos of models found in museums.

Here are some photos of the miniatures of a canal house of the time

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