Here I am, in Anaheim, curled up in bed and thinking of things I still need to organize for my visit to the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. I'll be riding a scooter about the show floor Saturday through Tuesday and doing my best to see where some of the trends I've spotted are showing up.
Since I'm so very tired right now and expecting an early start tomorrow, I'll just briefly mention a few trends I've noticed.
One is contour lines. You know those from topographic maps. I've seen them popping up a lot in design and will be looking to see if they show up in any collections.
Another design trend I've spotted is fenestration Architects and medical folk know this term. Windows or openings in a membrane. It's of an over all design versus just openings cut by a die or electronic cutter. The openings are not necessarily regular like a lattice. Actually the spaces where light passes through a fern leaf come more to mind. Ferns are important now and this may be a part of the general trend. Burned out areas are another way designers have been getting these somewhat asymmetrical patterns. I saw some cool stencils from the Canadian company Magenta that fit this trend too.  I'll be looking to see if more companies are exploring this idea. I think there may be a new fern stamp or two out there also.
The quirky boldness of Memphis design is in vogue. Not sure if that is a trend that will make it to paper crafts, we'll see.
Color products seem to be everywhere. I'm sure there will be some interesting innovations. I like Marion Smith's pigments for creating ones own sprays. There are several other products around I'm anxious to check out.
I'll look to my notes for other thoughts about trends and write a bit about them though it may be after the show. I think I'm a bit overbooked. Another reason I'd best fall asleep.
More later and I hope to get some good photos, too.

1/22/2015 Here are a few photos illustrating contour lines - the top center paper from #Websters_Pages, Dream in Color collection and the inside treatment of a book from #Books By Hand

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