My resolution scrapbook page using a GIS template

 Supplies: Sketch/template from GIS membership template library – Kim Watson, kits – Just Jaimee (at The_Lilypad) Storyteller September and October 2014 collections,styles – Mommyish, fonts – Courier new regular, Gill Sans Ultrabold 
This page was posted on the blog at Get It Scrapped today.
The membership has access to over 110 Photoshop templates and sketches searchable by number of photos and layout type. Check out the article at Get It Scrapped's blog where you can see how other creative team members interpreted the sketch.
There are lots more wonderful benefits of membership at Get It Scrapped. 
Even nonmembers can access some great classes on the site and are welcome to attend our on-line crop on this Saturday, January 17. If you have a headset and microphone you can join in the audio conversation. If you do not have a headset and microphone, there is a chat box for typed conversations and links. (Earbud headsets and basic computer built in mikes can work.) If you have a camera you can let us see what you are working on and one person at a time can even share their screen if they wish.
Now, about this layout: 
“I picked this sketch because I am a fan of Kim Watson’s delightful layered bits style. It used one photo and I’ve wanted to do a page with this story and photo of my weight loss for some time.”
“I found the multiple colors in the photo a bit challenging at first but the multiple pieces in the template was a help because I found I could incorporate enough color in the elements to unify the page. I used two kits by the same designer to be sure all the multiple parts worked together and I kept pretty much to the structure of the page though I did rotate it.”

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