Participating in Cropped. Well, not sure.

celeste knight wood veneer with love colored wood, sugarplum quiet solitude paint wash used at low opacity over flowered paper ingredient, arsenale white, Chunk5, gb bubbly, template Tiffany Tillman superficial template2, pro retimedrutter everylittle bit
, mommyish pumpkin spice and styles, creashuns squirrels and nuts, jenallyson antique papers, wwc aflutter, ayd focusclickrepeat
Pixels & Co. mystery ingredients

I wanted to participate in Cropped and posted my layout in a timely fashion but it may not have made it to the proper gallery at Pixels&Co. The rules did not say one would be disqualified for such an error but it is kinda like wandering into Cupcake Wars and doing Cropped, I guess. Well, I did predict not making it past the first round.
I did get a LO done with 10 designers products (actually, more), my own word art (which I hope was OK) and the four mystery ingredients. I had a lot of fun. One ingredient was a paper that became my ribbon. I muted a paper with a paint effect from one of my ten designers, used another ingredient smaller as a sticker and used the other paper as a paper though I made it smaller so I could add another paper as a background border. I did not do anything too fancy. I used a PS eraser at low opacity for texture on my "Chicken" work art and added a stroke to Arsenale White.  It was a true challenge to mix in 10 designers with the four mystery ingredients but I used the colors in the paper I used as a ribbon and the golden neutral paper to choose my other elements, like the veneer flowers, the camera, the base paper and the patterned paper cards. Of course, the photos from the kitchen helped me select the chai tea flair and one of the patterned papers. The pink in the sticker helped me color my stitching and the stroke around the small photo.
It was a quick LO and despite that and using a lot of different designer's items I am surprised at how much I like it.

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