Sometimes life gets in the way

Found this photo of my Mom from 1946 and wanted to add it to my blog and Facebook today.
Not finding time to sit down and blog much recently..
Creating things and needing a lot of rest. Not sleeping well at night and the arthritis is bad some days.
Still talking though.
Hope you are enjoying The Digiscrap Geek Podcast. It's been fun to talk Digi scrapping. Anything you want to hear on a future episode? Shoot a note to Carrie or put your idea in the comments here and we'll see if it will work in an episode.
Yes, I'm still around and writing blog posts in my head.
I've tried to post at least twice a month and will strive for at least weekly and sometimes 5 days of the week but we'll have to see how it goes. Trying to stay healthy.
As always, love your comments.


Janet said...

Hope you feel better soon, Karen. I enjoyed listening to you on the Digiscrap Geek Podcast.

Karen Poirier-Brode said...

Thanks, Janet. Glad you enjoy the podcast. I keep working away at the chronic health problems to keep them manageable and am otherwise doing fine.

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