A scrapbook page re-do

OK, same supplies as last image but I modified the base paper to eliminate that bold splash of bright pink and just add touches of it and I got a better composed photo on a wood background. The slant of the wood boards brings your eye back to the first photo on the upper left.
This feels more cohesive, if a little less dramatic than the initial layout.
What do you think?

It is a Digi page. I may lighten up the wood grain paper before printing.


S said...

As much as I love pink, I do like this version better. It's a great page!

Sandy #1781 said...

I too, like this one better. I think the simplicity of the camera shot makes a big difference. Did you cut the circle in the background paper and back it with the teal, or did you layer a piece of teal on the page? Just curious.

Karen Poirier-Brode said...

Sandy, this is a Digi page, there is a circle cut in the paper with teal behind. Feel free to ask, always!

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