Throw Back Thursday come on a Friday

 I am quite sure few, if any, of my readers recognize the comic strip reference in the title. It actually might read "Friday the thirteenth done come on a Wednesday, this month", to be more accurate. It was a common phrase found often in one of my all time favorite cartoon strips - Pogo. Wednesday, that quote would have been appropriate in date though not in spirit. As many bad days as one can have, it's not been a bad week. I thought of that when, despite my best intentions of finding throwback Thursday photos, I missed that, too.
My reference to Pogo, reveals a life-long love of newspaper comic strips. I cannot imagine starting most days without coffee and the comics. It's not quite the same to read them on-line, either, unless we are talking about The NewYorker ones. Those work for me anywhere. My all time favorite strips are Pogo, Calvin and Hobbes, and For Better or For Worse. I also have a pattern to reading them. Zits was my start the day strip when my youngest was a teen; now I gravitate to read Pickles first. I like when my life is reflected in the funnies. However, I usually read every strip on the pages. I'm so glad that the Sacramento Bee recognizes readers like me and keeps two pages of funnies going.
I sit here, on my new computer, vs one of my old one, and review my photos, thinking about the fact that I have few old photos on this computer. Another memo to self for next week, plan to write Thursday blog post or go over to Facebook on Thursday, with a photo, while on older computer or find time to scan a family treasure.
I did look back throughout he photos I have here to see what was happening around August 15/16 last year. These photos are from a lovely morning in Myanmar at Inle Lake. Since I was getting all silly about what day came when, as I introduced this post, I strikes me as oddly suitable to include photos taken from half a world away, over the date line.

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