Creative Team pushes my creativity

 When I joined the Creative Team at Get It Scrapped I thought, "Why not?' It's my hobby. I already check out the message boards and contribute when I'm on-line and I add at least 2-3 layouts a month to the gallery. I realized I'd need to document more of the products I used and write a bit about my process and decision-making but I blog that on occasion; so, again, "No problem".
It has not been significantly different in that way, at all. Which is good, because I run into my physical limitations often these days.
What I did not imagine was how much my imagination would be sparked and how I'd push my creativity. I'm experimenting more with techniques and different styles, I am doing more digi scrapping and thinking a lot about design. Goodness! templates and patterned paper design are not things I thought I'd be making. I like to dabble in art; but, scrapbooking is a passion.
Funny how we choose our hobbies. I play Free Cell, read regency romance novels, knit and do needlepoint, do logic problems, collect some things, and research genealogy. My interest in these activities waxes and wanes. Scrapbooking, though, is a regular habit. Making pages makes me happy and I always find something new to try.
Here is one of my latest pages using a template/sketch from Corrie Jones available at Get It Scrapped for members.

washi - mommyish Im So fancy, DSI New Beginnings chevron, TDF68 mle Sweet Slumber, TDF68 barrette perfect fit, P&Co Dream, Lilypad We Are Storytellers, OneLittleBird Magic Moment, flair - Karla Dudley Dads Day, P&Co Dream, DSI New Beginnings, stars- TDF68 KLewis ByThe Seaside, sequins - DSI New Beginnings, wood veneer - Lilypad We Are Storytellers, mommyish Daily, geotag - mommyish Daily, paper swirl - wm2 xoxo, flower - One Little Bird Magic Moment, distress brush - Karla Dudley, font - Helvetica, ChunkFive, Howser,, Arsenale White

, template - GIS/MSD

Debbie Hodge has over 70 templates available based on classes taught at Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook Design. There are free classes available if you want to check out the site to see if it fits. Right now, until tomorrow, there is a sale on membership at Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook Design
I'm glad I found GIS. I enjoy a lot of educational sites. That is my other hobby, taking classes, LOL! The GIS community feels like home, though.

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S said...

Stunning page Karen. I like how all those scattered embellishments add to the page without distracting from the photo. Great title work too.

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