Why Critique a Scrapbook Page

 As many of you know, I am on the creative team at Get It Scrapped/ Masterful Scrapbook Design. The site is devoted to education about scrapbook pages.
Now, some people are saying but your philosophy is that scrapbooking is all about your own fun, Karen. Why would you care how "good" your pages are?
Actually, I think most pages are good enough, but I do enjoy the process of creating nice things. Many times at the site we discuss pages and tell folk that there is nothing they need to change at all but suggestions are made to make the deign stronger or the story more effective.
It's always one's own design and story; so, dictating that it be a certain way is not the point. Many times completely opposite from one another suggestions are given. What those of us, who enjoy the critique classes, like is reviewing the process of giving ourselves a better eye and voice, to learn what others like about our pages and sometimes, to understand what can be done to tell our story better.
Here's a recent page I made and the version I did after the critique session.

Just little changes; but, ones that strengthen my page.

TDF65: quirkyheart - everydaybouquet (kit), dunia - saysomething (alpha), xm2 -xoxo (alpha); PCO Go Bold (alpha); fonts - Garamond, Arial; shadow actions - One Little Bird

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Cindy deRosier said...

On first glance, I did like the second one slightly better, but the changes were so small that I really had to search for them. Great LO!

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