What's Fresh at CHA Paper Arts

 Pink Fesh is a fresh face at CHA and has wonderful embellishments. You know me, I'm like a dog who hears the word "walk" when embellishments are mentioned and "cute embellishments" are stronger than that magnet that draws all our family cars to Leatherby's ice cream parlor. So, I found myself at the Pink Fresh booth. I'm in love. Bright colors, little details, clean contemporary design, a delightful deco alpha stamp set. Like a tiny candy store, sweets for the eyes.

I also visited DecoArt today. Since I've been buying their products this past week, it was only fitting. I will be doing a trash to treasure blog post in the near future about a FREE desk on a lawn in the neighborhood that I made Calvin collect for Joe. It needed a lot of work and Joe has done some under my direction and when I get back we will be painting. We are definitely part of the Maker trend. I also have a small octogonal table that will be transformed with DecoArt Americana chalk paint and stencils a la Mark Montano. Today was mixed media art products day at DecoArt with a huge variety of products beyond the chalk paint.  In some of there paint products they have new trendy colors that fit with the color trends I've seen. Coral, orange, soft blue, mint and burlap are new shades I've seen for 2014, of course with Decor Arts names. Paints can be mixed with the craft mediums which give a pastel color tint to the mediums. A nice variety of mediums for lots of great craft effects from glossy to matte from crackle to smooth. Maybe I need to get Joe busy on a lot of projects at home! In addition to the larger stencils they've carried (inspired by Mark I've ordered a Paris one for that little table), they have some sweet new 6x6 stencils that should be released soon, so look for them.

I also visited The Robin's Nest today. The "little friends" are adorable embellishments. This is not for my flat page pals but "lumpy" scrapers, like me, will love this item. Fun characters both male nod female, fanciful to realistic. Very nice selection of tiny "drops" for that bit of emphasis on a page. An alternative to the "brad" that I tease Debbie Hodge about, it seems she always wants a brad on the page, LOL!

Crafty friends, there's a lot of fun new product to buy or put on one's wish list.

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