CHA Paper Arts Opening Day of Exhibits

 CHA Paper Arts Show exhibits open today. Got a quick look during the reception last evening and doing a careful walk through today. I plan on starting at the far end and going booth by booth, which would be an impossibility at a larger show. 
The first booth I visited was The Ribbon Print Company. They sell a machine for folks who want to print ribbons as a business. Small but quick printer that connects to your computer for unlimited design possibilities. Not just ribbon but sew in and iron on clothing labels, too. The equipment uses cartridges of "foils" (dry ink) to apply design. Nice for folks with a need for personalized items like a large wedding business or for the person who wants a small business offering labels and ribbons for folk just looking for a limited quantity of ribbons or labels. I believe the printer  will work with anything up to a 4 inch wide ribbon.
Simple Stories was next on my tour. My first impression was that brown is not gone as a trend, it's just focused on wood grain vs grunge or brown distress but if you have some of those older styles around I think that with white and wood grain you could achieve an updated look. Sweater Weather has a nice rich deep brown wood grain print mixed with red, gold, orange, grey, beige printed papers and a lovely white washed weathered wood paper which adds a little lightness and will help use of this line with white based papers. You may ask what my favorite thing was in this line. It's the enamel dots. I love the rich deep colors and can see them adding just the right bit of emphasis on my pages. I am a knitter so must admit that the patterned paper with the knit stitched hearts was a close second favorite.
As usual, uncomplicated designs in the Simple Stories Sn@p! with a good selection of journal card elements for pocket scrapers. Pocket scrapping products remain strong in all of Simple Stories lines. The company has a nice selection of albums and page protectors. There area lot of other exclusively journal card lines including a new school themed one.
The Cozy Christmas Line of their products also features a dark wood grain so for the chronological scrapers among us would give a great transition from fall to winter. Tone on tone designs of snowflakes and diagonal stripes in red, gold and winter white and a green that's a bit on the yellow green side of the spectrum with a lovely broken design paper in golds browns and white called Sparkle Furries backed with a ledger paper.
How do I describe Simple Stories Halloween line? Sweet cute fun! No dark spooky goth elements here just colorful fun and kid charming designs. Slack, an almost lime green, turquoise, violet and orange and a golden yellow with white and cream are the palette. This collection features a newspaper print with the polka dots and stripes and a few other interesting prints.
The DIY Christmas Collection uses black, white, Christmas red and a distinct yellow green color and lots of Kraft designs. 
The "Maker" movement is a definite theme throughout CHA with an emphasis on simple clean and easy design. 
I will look for a computer to add photos later.

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