Learning new stuff!

Learning things in Photoshop is fun. It's been quite a week! I learned to run actions after Debbie Hodge challenged me to make a badge with the Sugar Hill Mommyish action you can find here http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/Patched-Up-Toolkit/. I recommend that newbies, like me, watch the tutorial through a couple of times and watch the second tutorial, too; or, you'll wonder if you missed a step because there is another item there, for an extra optional process, that can be confusing. Be sure to review the PDF document, too. That said, I did it right, at the get go; so, it's not too hard. Some things are rushed through in the You-tube video tutorial for those of us who have never really used "text on a path" or actions. Just re-watch and remember, for things like this, "google is your friend" if you get really confused.Here is the badge I made.
The text is too near the center image. I'd say, "not bad for the first time", though.
I experimented with template making, too. You'll hear more about that in a future post.
While I have said that being on the creative team at Get It Scrapped http://debbiehodge.com/admin/blog/ is really not much more than I have done in the past, it may turn out to be. I was already learning about digital scrapbooking; so, I don't suppose that learning more Photoshop CreativeCloud and Adobe Illustrator is really extra. Scrapbooking is something I love; so, even if I do more, it's not a bad thing.
I have a few things related to my health and my home to take care of so I have postponed a planned trip to see my Mom until next month. I think a few days away from the heat in July is probably another reason I have for making my trip a few weeks later than originally planned. The thing is that I'm considering following that with a trip to the CHA event in Atlanta. Still, a few days of hot and muggy will make me happy to return to the "just hot" of our valley.
Hope you are enjoying the start of the summer weather, and all the good fruits and veggies, and are finding fun in learning new things and creating.

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