A Grape Course for Bloggers

Sacramento Bloggers is a group I’ve been interested in for a while. I’ve not been able to attend any of the events until recently. 

On June 21, Mirassou hosted an event for Sacramento Bloggers at the Hilton Doubletree, not far from my house. That particular evening, fortunately, I could attend. The menu was a bit dairy intensive; but, we do know how well wine pairs with cheese. The wine suggestions,though, extended to a a comprehensive menu. 

David Mirassou was at the event to impart information on the history of the Mirassou vineyard and give us a good grounding in wine and food pairings.

Now my “crafty” friends The Craft Ladies, would tell me that wine pairs with anything and especially crafts. Check the link to their site if you like a little humor and a focus on wine, above all else, in process videos. I'd have to say the process is mostly getting tipsy. (“Karen” and “Jane” you are invited to come along to any future wine tastings I attend or host). As usual, I’ve wandered off topic, sorry folks.

Back to the event - Mirassou has an area on their website with great tools for an at home wine tasting. The education section features delcious recipes, and printables featuring an informative place mat, a wine pairing chart, and wine tasting scoring sheets.
Look for this great info on their site at http://www.mirassou.com/education/

The photos are of the event and note that they did eventually get some Pinot Noir into that empty glass in front of me. Their Pinot is very popular. High ratings and a very reasonable price are likely the reasons for Mirassou Pinot Noir’s success. I liked all the wines we were served. The tasting was the excellent Pinot, a fine Chardonnay, a very palatable blend called Sunset Red and a delightful Moscato. I thought all were very good and I also enjoyed a  lovely Riesling with my cheesecake dessert. 

The evening also was highlighted with excellent blogging education provided by The SITSgirls. It was a mini version of their “Women Get Social” event. Do visit their site for lots of good tips, if you are a blogger, too.

With all the great information on blogging, meeting other bloggers, and having been well wined and dined, you know I will be looking to attend the next Sacramento Bloggers event. 

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