Keeping Up

 Anyone else doing February LOAD (Layout a Day)
I am trying. I'm up to Day 6 today and feeling pretty happy about that.
Here a few of my layouts. I've reworked a couple of these. I normally spend a few days on most LO's so this get it done stuff goes against my grain. It's good for me, though (at least, that's what I'm telling myself, LOL!)

If that wasn't enough on my plate, I've been learning more about Photoshop these days. I hope it will make me more comfortable with digi scrapbooking. I'm pretty much OK with templates but not so great with layouts from scratch or a sketch.
Thinking seriously about a new computer. The monitor on this one is beyond hope. It flickers for 10-20 minutes as it warms up and one of these days I figure it will just stop working. The computer is old and was not the top of the line at the time I purchased it, which means it is SLOW.
I listened to The Digi Show this week which just happened to be about purchasing a computer. Charr, professor at Sacramento City College, agrees with the panelists and says get the best computer you can reasonably buy because you'll be unhappy with anything less. Those Photoshop files are memory hogs and eat up video card memory, too and RAW photo files need hard drive space. So, I think it may be time for an iMac. It's not the best time for a big purchase, but no real choice, I think. Still, I'm taking a bit of time to think this through. Unfortunately, the salesperson at the Apple store was not very helpful. He probably only knows games or something because both photography and digi scrapbooking drew blank looks from him. Alas, young folk only understand photography if it is taken with an iPhone and posted on Instagram!
I suppose blogging may be a bit passe these days, too. At my age, I think being a bit "retro" is OK. So, I'll continue to episodically post a short essay about life right now.I'm considering studying writing a bit, since I need skills in that area, probably more so than art and photography. I think it will be hard. Then again, you dear readers may be grateful, LOL!

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