Where does the day go/

Today just raced by me. I was up and at it early. I've done the household chores, gone to exercise/physical therapy, been grocery shopping, and picked up an item from the department store that I'd ordered on-line. Now I'm sitting here at 6 pm, and while I realize I did a lot, I'm wondering how it seems the day disappeared.
I've so much to do, too. Need to find some conversation hearts - wonder if any stores are carrying them yet. I want a photo of a wallpaper of hearts to decorate some shoes. I do plan to post that project when I've got that done. Shoe Attitude is good stuff, and it is easy to make a pair of white sneakers custom. Check out my October 2012 post for my last shoe project. They have different packaging which promotes use on other surfaces, too. I'm sure you can use Shoe Attitude on most items, as I believe it is the same formulation.
I had been thinking of doing a little purse art too. Now, I'm not so sure, if the days escape me like this; I'll be lucky to get my "flash mob" bra decorated and the shoes completed. I do have a few ideas for the decorated bra. Just buttons and bling is one, another idea involves flying piggies, yet another a Freda" inspiration and the last idea I have involves tea cups. At least I have some ideas - time to get it all together is another story.
I am thinking of learning more Digi scrapbooking after CHA as I have not done that in months. I was just getting into it and feeling like I was passing the beginner stage and then I stopped. I know I have to go back and relearn a few things.
I suppose that will be a 2013 resolution - try to become a decent intermediate level Digi Scrapper.
How many of you folk are Digi scrappers? Do you switch back and forth if you also do paper or do you use hybrid techniques?
Prize for the 10th day of Xmas is another $10 gift certificate to Scrapbook.com. Just leave a comment here for a chance.


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Hi, Karen!

What a busy day you had! I was out and about and know that my local Michael's store has most all of their Valentine's Day things out. Out with Christmas...In with Valentine's Day! I can't say for sure they have Conversation Hearts but they had Peep hearts - they actually got a second look from me, because I thought they were bunnies and I knew it was too soon for Easter! =)

Tona said...

You shouldn't have any trouble finding conversation hearts. The stores that I've been in the last couple of days are already in full out Valentines mode.
I'm not a digi scrapper & have no interest in it at all. I know a lot of people like it but it's just not my thing.

Laney said...

I am a hybrid scrapper- any method that gets the job done works for me.
Good luck on the search for Hearts.

Cindy deRosier said...

I've seen conversation hearts out but I can't remember where- maybe Michaels by the checkstand? Or Safeway? Walmart? Those are the only places I've been in the past few days, so it must be one of those!

Your bra ideas sound so interesting ... and so diverse! Looking forward to seeing pics!

I'm not into digital scrapping. For me, a huge part of scrapbooking is getting away from the computer, touching the supplies, and physically enjoying the process.

Susan said...

I don't digi scrap. for me, the best part is playing with the papers and stuff. totally tactile. I am on the computer too much for work, etc, already! but good luck with your goal!

BethW said...

I do both and hybrid.I am actually more at home with anything digital-and it's a lot easier on my senior hands.BUT-and it's a huge but-it just does not give me the satisfaction that making something from paper does.But I do love editing and restoring old/vintage photos.I can spend days on just one.

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Wow!! What a busy day. I don't think I could have kept up with you. I have not been in the stores since Christmas but I would be surprised if you could not find them.

I have not done any scraping in a while. I have not been into the digital piece. Maybe I should give it a try

Ladydoc said...

Beth W you were picked the winner. I did not get to the computer for much more than charging my iPhone earlier today. Another busy day.

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