One thing that is awesome about California is Meyer lemons. You can grow them in much of the state in one's garden or a pot on the patio. They produce fruit year round. So, summer lemonade or pie most any time.

A favorite in our house is a Shaker Lemon Pie.

So, here goes the recipe.

Prepare your favorite flaky pastry and prepare a 9 inch bottom crust and refrigerate until you've prepared the filling. You can roll out and keep top crust in fridge, too.

Prepare macerated lemons by first removing the zest from 2-3 lemons with grater and set aside.
Then slice the lemons very thinly, removing the seeds.
Combine the zest, lemon slices, 2 cups of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a glass or stainless bowl and cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let sit on counter for several hours or to next day. Stir mixture occasionally. When soft and macerated proceed to next steps.
Preheat your oven to 425.
Prepare filling by whisking 4 large eggs, add in 4 tablespoons of melted butter and 3 tablespoons of flour. Then stir in the macerated lemon mix.
Put filling in bottom crust, dampen edges of bottom crust and place top crust. Crimp pie edges with floured fork tines. Cut steam vents in top crust.
Bake the pie for 30 minutes.Reduce the temperature to 350 and cook about 25 minutes more. Cool on rack.
May be refrigerated but serve at room temperature.

Even if you do not live in California, nor have Shaker roots like our family, give this recipe a try!

Now, the prize. The prize for the Fifth Day of Christmas, December 29 is the Jan/February issue, Top 10,  of Masterful Scrapbook Design from Debbie Hodge. Check it out at http://masterfulscrapbookdesign.com/

Here is a little info from the site:
Successful page designers break it all down—>And you immediately start applyingproven design techniques to your own scrapbook pages

Masterful Scrapbook Design is a membership website.

The cost to subscribe is $24.00 for your first month and $14 every month following. The first month fee covers the base lessons on design, titles, journaling, photos, embellishments, and canvas (over 300+ illustrated pages in pdf form) you receive at signup.

Note that this is an offer for non current subscribers only as Debbie cannot refund money to current members.

This site and its companion site Get It Scrapped have tons of inspiration for digi, paper and hybrid scrappers. MSD has multiple webinars with inspiring scrapbook teachers. There is a pdf/ezine with seminar info and multiple articles onthe topic of the month. Past issues are available. December's issue subject was Layout. Once an issue is in your library you can return to view it any time.

Just leave a comment to this post to enter.


Ms. Jackie said...

I have never been the first to enter a comment......yahoo!

Love you Jackie

Gail said...

Thats one thing I miss in winter...fresh friuts and veggies. I do not want to enter the drawing as I am already a MSD member but who ever wins ...you will love it!

Sandy said...

I was given a bag of lemons yesterday and maybe we will try your pie. We've been trying to grow a lime tree, but every year it freezes beyond repair. It is now growing below the graft and I have no idea what kind of tree I will get. LOL!
fiskateer1781 at gmail dot com

How can we tell if our email is easily accessible?

Ladydoc said...

If you are a Fiskateer e-mail usually will not be a problem as I can leave you mail on that site. If you have an updated Blogger profile it is not a problem there either nor if we are friends on Facebook. If none of those pertain then leaving your email address as "xyz at mailserver dot whatever it ends with" -dot, com, net, etc.

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Another wonderful recipe. I usually get my lemons from a coworker who has a number of trees. A couple years ago we made a batch of limoncello from the lemons.

resatwo ( at ) sbcglobal.net

Ladydoc said...

Sandy, you have won this prize! Congrats, I know you'll love the great information you'll get at Masterful Scrapbook Design. Don't forget to keep entering folks, you can win more than once, I pick the winners with a random number generator. More great gift certificates and other prizes to come.

Sandy said...

Thank you so much Karen, and Debbie! I know I will enjoy, and learn a lot, at Masterful Scrapbook Design.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I love lemmons! When I was real young we lived in Phoenix and had citrus trees, but in Phoenix they are seasonal. You are so lucky!

BethW said...

Well I'm playing catch up and those lemons are my favorite color-and flavor.So I am copying and pasting the recipe to try in spring when I can get fresh lemons here.

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