A Time Capsule

Well, I have made a silly rap video in the past featuring Fiska the Fairy celebrating the "Fiskamas" celebration on the Fiskateer website. However, "motion scrapbooking," a term introduced on Paperclipping Roundtable, has not been something I've explored before.
However, I've been more willing to explore new things in photography since my retreat at the Shutter Sisters "Oasis" in Palm Springs. Xanthe Berkeley, one of the Shutter Sisters, likes to make what she calls Time Capsules. She proposed a 12.12.12 project where photographers from several parts of the world could document their day. It was a fun project, and I've been delighted with the productions I've found on the private page she established for participants on Facebook.
I include my video here or you to view. It might have been nice if I had the cute animals, sweet children, or breathtaking scenery or even the amazing photographic skills that most of the participants possessed. It is what it is. It is mine, and I'm happy I documented my day! So what, if I had to prop up my left arm for self-portraits, at least I can still lift it up. (It was a Wednesday; so, Pilates which has been such an important part of my ability to manage physically in life got to be documented. I'm happy about that.)
Yes, I woke up in one bed on one side of the house and went to sleep in the other at the other end of our home. I was working late on the computer, and it's in the computer room. A logical solution! But, it does seem funny to me as  I watch the video. It's one of the parts of the day I'd not have documented nor remembered, without the video. A pretty dull day but I used a style and music to liven things up.
It seems to me that this would be fun to do again in the future and might even be a way to put together some photos of a past event, maybe something that seems hard to scrapbook might lend itself to this medium.
MyTwelve Video

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Cindy deRosier said...

This is incredible! I LOVE it! What an awesome project and a great way to document a day in the life...

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