Shoe Attitude to be exact. I have mentioned before how  much I love The Digi Show. Peppermint Granberg, the "regular" on the show is often asking for Pick of the Week suggestions. 
In the past I have suggested The Sensubrush and this week on The Digi Show, Peppermint used my suggestion of Shoe Attitude
I decided I'd best get these shoes started, not only because the event I'm attending is around the corner; but, because folks might be curious about what I'm doing with the product.
I'm just a hack, no designer here, but I did try something fun here. I love my Canon Xsi EOS Rebel I used a picture of the camera to make my custom photos in PSE10 poster edging and recoloring the image. I then took my square photos into Picasa and made a collage. Since pixilated image patterns are trendy right now I attempted something like that. It probably would be better if I'd reduced the intensity of some images but you get the idea. Did I mention I'm not a designer? Now, about those custom Converse Chuck Taylor's, head on over to the Converse site and make yourself a pair! Really fun!
I've only completed the one side of the show 'cause I wanted to hurry up and post the fun but should have them done soon after I get this posted.

Some tips about Shoe Attitude:

The images print up well on an inkjet printer using a glossy photo paper setting. I used an Epson 810. You must use inkjet not laser. Shoe Attitude could ruin a laser printer.
Tried both the extra-strength glue stick (one included with 6 sheets of film) and a regular UHU glue stick. Definitely use the Elmer’s extra-strength glue stick. Works beautifully with the extra-strength glue stick, not very good with the regular glue. You need to get the glue stick coverage on fairly even – you can use your fingers once the glue’s down on the surface to which you will apply the film. I’d recommend starting with a small size project, maybe 4x6 at most though I think you could easily use the 8.5 x 11 once you get the hang of it.  The film adheres well and takes on the texture of the fabric beneath it. It need not be a fabric surface. Plastic, rubber, whatever glue stick to ought to work.The image is translucent so the color beneath will show. Obviously, it will not work well over a dark fabric. The entire surface and especially the edges need to be well glued for good adherence. Edges should be tucked so the film is not allowed to slip up over a ridge at an edge because that would likely not adhere well and then the image could peel away.
You can cut out an image before applying but you should not touch the glossy surface. I believe that Shoe Attitude basically has adhesive properties which are activated by the extra-strength glue stick to form the bond with the material to which you apply it.
You carefully peel off the backing from the film once you attach it. Once I started the edge, it peeled up easily. You can check your edges and press the film well into the fabric – a soft brush is recommended. I found it to be pretty tough though I suppose manhandling could stretch it. I just pressed it into the fabric with my finger. I got a few small wrinkles but again - start small and flat and your problems should be relatively nonexistent.

Hope you have fun with my suggestions. 

I'd like to mention that I learned about Shoe Attitude from Charity Wings' "Live from CHA". Charity Wings raises money for great causes through this event held at each CHA. It will be back again in January from Anaheim. Consider joining us - great charity, fun prizes from awesome manufacturers,new products, demos, just plain fun. Do join us!

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Jonathan Fong said...

You've got great tips for using Shoe Attitude here, Karen.

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