Anyone know Glenna?

    Well, have not yet heard from the winner. If I do not hear by the end of the month will draw a new winner. I may restrict participants in the future to those who leave a means to contact them.
     So, what is new? I am participating in Lain Ehmann's October LOAD though I've not done a layout a day, I'm making a lot. And, drum roll, I'm doing it digi. I have now graduated from beginner to the know enough to be dangerous level and am hoping by the end of the month to solidly make it to intermediate.
I'll post some of my LO's here and my art pieces - which did not make it into the show. There were somewhere between 150 and 200 pieces submitted and it looks like about 30 accepted so I'm OK with it. My son, Joe, still likes my art. It was a good experience to understand how to submit work for a show.
    I have discovered some new things and I'm going to tease you a bit. What I mean by that is that I am a fan of "The Digi Show". Peppermint Granberg, the "regular" on the show, often struggles with a "pick of the week" and has asked listeners for suggestions. I tend to send my new finds to her just because I'm a loyal listener and I know the ideas will get a wide audience there. Shocking, I know, dear readers but their show might have a slightly bigger audience than this blog, LOL! So, listen next week because I have a feeling that one of my latest discoveries might make it as a pick!
    It looks like once again I'll make the at least two posts a month goal I've set for the year on this blog. Don't we all wish we just had more time?

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Art work

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