Better get this done!

 OK, need to get this post done to make my two posts a month commitment!
I've been busy as those who follow my Twitter and/or Facebook know.
Making art. It's not great art but it is a completed piece and a collage and I like it.
If it gets into the student art show I'll be delighted. We'll see.
I learned things in the process, I guess that is important.
You'll notice I am not posting a photo of my art. It's Eve departing Eden so I m not sure that one little fig leaf is enough for my family style blog!
I did find a number of goodies to add to my blog prize. It's late so it will not be the best photo. I'm going to take one and put it here anyways, just cause. A comment on this post OR my prior post will enter you, one entry per person please. I think I'll draw the winner at the end of this week.
Yes, this cardstock, embellies, letters, oodles of buttons, bling and glitter will be added to all the items in the previous post!
I'm excited about a trip to Palm Springs later this month for a Shutter Sisters retreat. I am just learning the craft but think it will be exciting to take part. Seems like a fun group. I've already ordered a hot pink tutu with black sparkly overlay and a custom pair of Chuck Taylor's that I  intend to add photos to with some Shoe Attitude glue film. Loved that product when I saw it at CHA and have been anxious to try it out.
Feeling pretty good today. The last two weeks have been rough. Looking forward to a good week!
Wishing you all well. Hope you are enjoying Autumn. Take lots of photos the light is fantastic this time of year!


Cindy deRosier said...

I really want to see your artwork! Isn't there a way to show us part of it and censor anything questionable?

Tammy said...

Hi, Karen,
Would love to see your work also! Maybe you could use the blur tool over anything you are uncomfortable with showing on your blog. Good luck on the art show!

Unknown said...

Would love to see your work. So glad you are enjoying it. Good luck.

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