Yes, I did pick a winner

 Petrii please send your snail mail info to You were the one selected last night by the random number generator. Congrats!
I do have another prize lined up but just realized that, with July 4 coming up, maybe I should have a themed prize to help folk scrap their holiday memories. So, later today, I will find some things for a prize and probably post that this evening.
I just wanted to generate a little excitement for summer with my prizes. It's such a laid back time, usually. In our hot climate and at our age, Cal and I only drift around the pool to cool off - no jumping in. Of course, those occasional fireworks and the state fair add a little pizzazz to the calm.
Cal loves his summer harvests. I enjoy the end results; the eating, that is! Right now he is making fresh apricot chutney. Doesn't that just sound delicious?
One of my July plans is to spend the first two weeks of the month doing a daily interview and photo shoot in the garden. Who knows? He may make me love gardening. Unlikely, though I'm sure I'll enjoy recording his enthusiasm.

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