OK, I got the kit ready - just no photo -YET

 I have some goodies for the 4th of July kit. No photos...yet. I did not realize how much I needed to do once I got home. While I knew my Mom was not doing so well, having visited her last week, I had not thought she'd have needed to go to hospital today. So, that meant several phone calls and I'm behind. I still have stuff in my car from my last trip and tomorrow I need to go back to the store to get an over the counter medication they did not have in today. I'm making lists and those are not just to help me figure out what to do. I find that crossing things off the list helps me recognize that I've actually accomplished something. When I have a lot to do, and when I take some time for myself, because my pain is bad or I'm dropping stuff because I'm tired, I do get down on myself for not being able to get everything done. With the crossed off list I can say -"Hey, I really have accomplished a lot." Unfortunately, I expect that I can keep up the pace of when I was younger and have too many things on that list. It really is my life now - frenzied overwhelmed stress alternating with potential boredom. I love that I have crafting. It keeps me  busy in those bored times and reduces my stress when the frenzied moments wind me up tight.
I'm going to give you a written peek at the kit I've assembled. It's not so heavily themed (though it is red, white and blue) that you cannot use it for other things. I did a lot of non-holiday, non-western LO's with red, white, blue and brown recently so I know you do not have to stretch too far to use the products I'm including. So included will be cardstock in basic red, white and blue and some red and blue patterned papers. Glitter, fabric stickers, tiny red and blue flowers with white centers, twines, ribbons, a white pen, white glitter alphas, a tiny stamp will be included. I think there will be a few other items, too. I do not have everything in front of me at my computer so I'm sure there are a few things I've left out. I think whoever wins will find a lot included that they'll find fun and useful.
So how do you enter? Just leave a comment on this post or on the post with a photo and complete list that I hope to have up tomorrow. I'll select a winner on July 4th. So, good luck

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petrii said...

What a fun prize!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

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