Participating in LOAD512


Here are my first two layouts for Layout A Day May 2012. Lain Ehmann hosts this project three times a year. I've participated in her class at Big Picture Classes where I actually did a LO a day!
I did join in earlier this year but 'thought' about LO's, didn't actually keep up.
There's no obligation but it is fun to do this. We all have some stories that might never be told without this kind of 'kick in the pants' type of motivation. Not every LO will be a star production but I do have a few fave's from that class at BPC.
It's not the best time, really. I'm Gung Ho on getting the house in good order and spring cleaning. Joe calls a lot and has a lot of needs now that he is in care. Better than when he was living on his own but stressful. 
I'm less stressed about Mom. She seems happier now that she's moved. Victoria is a nice city and so much more interesting to visit than the Okanagan. Now, to relax - the Okanagan is splendid! But, I'm a foodie and like a variety of activities when I travel. More is going on for Mom, too. I think she'll like that.
Right now, what I need to find time to do is scrap my photos of roses. They are just so beautiful!
Here's a glimpse for you.

Happy Spring!

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