Interview on Podcast on National Scrapbook Day. Hooray!

 Yes, I was asked to talk about scrapbooking again! Not hard to do. You know how much I love it. Love it enough to actually participate in Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day, too.
The link to the podcast is here
My most recent layouts follow. Not very complicated, but fun. The "Earrings" layout is done with scraps. Left over letters (note some are "created" from other letters), papers from my scrap bin and a piece of ribbon. That's what is fun about scrapping - being creative!

I had an expensive day. Needed to get some high performance tires for my car. They gave me a good credit on the ones I purchased last year so I'm not complaining. My car is much happier now and drives like a dream. Apparently silver with black interior 2001 Acura CLS vehicles are much in demand. So, Betsey (a very high maintenance car, in the truest sense) is getting more respect from yours truly.
The dishwasher died so we need to purchase a new one. We got a nice functional Whirlpool, stainless steel in and out, so it's a decent, if not high class, model. I hope to redo the kitchen at some future date and then maybe all matching appliance will be on my list. For now it's function. Cannot have dishwasher hands (well, that would mean I'd been doing dishes. OK, we have not yet resorted to paper plates. Our housekeeper, Kim, was here twice this week so that took the pressure off Cal and me.
Of course, I needed to celebrate NSD with some shopping at Green Tangerines. I got some "pretty stuff" and will probably post about it later this week.
Hope everyone had a great National Scrapbook Day. A great Derby Day, too. Wasn't that a good race? Super Full Moon tonight and Happy Birthday to Adele. Do like her songs.

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Vicky said...

Wonderful layouts! and I am soooooo in Love with "Earrings with Character" !!! it's those everyday items that we often forget about but make us who we are :)

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