Moving on after the Hop, Thanks to all who participated!

 Had a lot of fun on the blog hop! Dawn and NanBeth won, Dawn got the first two prizes and Nanbeth all three! Congrats ladies. There's been a bit of a run on the Fiskars interchangeable border punches so we are waiting on more arriving and those will go out soon.
I'm taking classes at BPC and one class with May Flaum has us working on a canvas. I'm doing a water scene.
So far I'm at this point.
I'm not so great with the mermaid. I'm working on the drawing separately. When I've got her looking less like a distorted ribbon and more like a fish I'll paint her on sticky back canvas and then cut out and apply her to this base canvas.
I tore various scrapbook scraps that had teal in them and applied them to a canvas. I then applied a wash, then sealed, then Vaseline, paint again and then washed. Sealed once more then a pearlescent paint and glimmer mist. I'll need to seal again. 
I'm thinking of a texture medium for some fish and paint and ribbon perhaps for seaweed. I'm sure I'll use pearls and maybe rhinestones or gold colored metal for a bit of a diadem in her hair. Just playing and having fun!

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NanaBeth said...

I love May's classes.She always motivates me to get out of my comfort zone.And I love her free spirited approach to crafting.She always has fun.

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