Twelve Photos

 Today is the twelfth of January. Lots of folks are taking twelve photos today. Well, my goal is twelve photos that I want to feature for the day. I'll need to take about twenty times that number to get enough that are acceptable. Hmm, maybe I should say twelve photos at least and a few I think are good enough to post, LOL!
I took two pictures early this morning with my iPad when I woke up. Not so great pictures; but at least a start. I'm even surprised that I'm getting to this blog post today. I'm pretty regular at posting on Facebook but not so much at posting here. FB does not require "writing." Blogs do require writing. Yes, I am not so sure about my skills at literature, and the intimidation factor keeps me back. The paradox is the more I write, the likelihood I'll improve. I should resolve to write more. I did make some resolutions already. I plan to exercise at least three days a week and will eat mindfully. I also intend to do at least 12 scrapbook pages a month. I know these are pretty simple goals. Really would be terrific if I can stick with them.
Time to save this post and get back later with the photos.
In the event I do not get my photo goal accomplished, I'll add some pictures of my first five layouts of 2012 as proof that I am working on my goals. I'll also put up a not-so-flattering picture of me that will serve as a reminder of where I'm starting on my healthier journey for the year. The advantage of this photo is that sticking to my goals or not, any following picture is likely to look better!
If I meet the photo goals, I'll post those later today or this week.

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Smiles, Laurie said...

I love the play on words and take of the the oranges! All your layouts are wonderful...and your photo is great, you look good in red! Keep in mind your word Present...and be ever so happy with this gift we have of right now.

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