January 1, 2012

 I was pretty good, though not perfect, at two posts a month last year. Maybe I'll find time for more posting this year. Started off the year with some scrapbook and healthy living inspiration at Big Picture Classes.
No definite plans for the year but will be getting a bathroom remodeled, maybe take a few trips - especially to see the youngest grandkids.
My One Little Word for the year - Present.
Like everyone else made plans for a healthier year and pledged to renew and strengthen friendships.
So tomorrow, need to work on past year's finances, finally get the info together for an updated trust and work more on photos and scrapbooking, just 'cause. Think I'll start it all off with the Rose Bowl Parade. Loved the trip that Cal and I took to see that and the game a couple of years ago.
My Uncle Ted turned 65 today. I guess we baby boomers are finally getting elderly. That and the Mayan calendar ending this year ought to give me pause. However, I'm taking that word PRESENT to heart and not getting emotionally involved with questions of age and mortality. No, today is the start of a New Year and a chance for new beginnings.

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